What is Anger?

We all suffer from anger on occasion.

Recently I find myself in a place of anger at a dear loved one. After a year of deliberation with this person over ALL the reasons, what they believe they want, is a bad idea, this person went forward anyway. To be fair, in the grand scheme it’s not up to me.

What I know, I do not want to fight, alienate or hurt this person and I do actually understand their desire to do what they have.

I know I can not change what has now taken place, so how do I deal with things in a healthy way??

I started contemplating the question... WHY am I so upset? All the thoughts I have expressed to this person came up first, but then... I really sat with it! What is the root cause of my anger??

Turns out it’s FEAR! Fear of what could happen to them others and potentially me. My attachment to them and to protecting this individual has lead to fear that has lead to anger.

We have fear because we worry, we have anger because we fear, and in the end we end up suffering!

This is not to suggest we never worry about others and throw all caution to the wind. But when we find ourselves suffering, perhaps it’s best to take a closer look at the root cause and be compassionate with ourselves when/if the path to why we are suffering leads back to ourselves.

Suffering steals our inner peace!

This is an ever evolving practice and in Buddhism it is part of the Noble Eight Fold Path. Right View: Understanding the nature and cause of suffering and the method of release.

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